Toptracer Range

Quail Ridge Golf Club

Practice like the pros

In June of 2020, Quail Ridge Golf Club became the first outdoor, grass driving range to install Toptracer Mobile on our driving range, not only in Michigan, but the entire Midwest. We also installed a 200-foot AstroTurf tee line to ensure the range would be open even after heavy rains. 

Toptracer Range

Toptracer Range Mobile sends shots sends shot traces and detailed data directly to your phone.  Hit a shot and get instant stats like ball speed, launch angle, carry, curve, and more.  The app then stores all data so you can track progress and measure improvement.


Toptracer Features

Data-Driven Practice Sessions

Dive deeper and work on your game. All club and shot data is stored in the app for further analysis.

Skill-Based Games

Compete against range buddies and other users within Toptracer Range’s global community. Take aim at virtual targets and score points based on accuracy. After you score big, see how you stack up against other Toptracer Range users on the Global Leaderboard – not only at Quail Ridge Golf Club but around the world.

Swing Recording

Ever wonder what your swing looks like on camera? Activate TV Mode and record a video of your shot alongside stats and a trace. Send it to a coach or social media.

toptracer driving range
toptracer app

Our Top Tracer Range is now open!

Head out to Quail Ridge to work on your game with the latest in driving range technology!

toptracer driving range
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